My name is Lidor Wyssocky. For years, I’ve been fascinated with Generative Skills — universal, timeless skills relevant to any domain and profession, skills inherent to our human experience that help us achieve more, more effectively.

The first skill I’ve explored was creativity. The CreativityOS model I’ve developed captures the seven core functions needed to realize our creative potential and generate new ideas. The model was focused on the way our mind works individually. Creativity, from the perspective of the CreativityOS model, was a solo act. While this may be true for some people, some of the time, the most creative endeavors in the history of the human species were the result of a group effort. As anyone who has ever worked as part of a team knows, communication is critical to co-creation. And so, I set off to explore how we can harness communication to create great things together. 

The Communication Flows project started with an attempt to propose a fix to the frustrating, ineffective contemporary workplace communication. As the framework evolved, I realized it could be applied to any interaction designed to collaborate and achieve joint goals. 

There are plenty of books about convincing, selling, storytelling, listening, and other communication-related goals and practices. Communication Flows has a different premise: to co-create, we must communicate on equal terms; doing so repeatedly, on scale, and without creating an overhead requires a process-oriented approach. Put differently, any concrete interaction is far less important than combining interactions into a communication flow optimized to our needs and context. 

Communication Flows is a work in progress. Every week, I publish a new chapter. This allows you to reflect on the ideas, experiment with them, and gain your own insights before moving on to the next chapter. It allows me to collect feedback and refine the framework as we go.

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